Gifts are absolutely not expected, the main thing is that you to come and celebrate our marriage with us!

However, should you wish to give us a gift, we would be very grateful for your help in making our honeymoon an unforgettable experience.

Our plan is to spend the month of August in Austria, undertaking a long distance alpine walk known as the Adlerweg. We will spend 23 days clambering along the northern edge of the Tirol, sleeping in rustic mountain huts on communal mattresses, feasting on Grostl and Sachertorte, quaffing Bier and Almdudler and greeting every passerby with a cheerful Gruss-Got!

We will travel 293 kilometres, in 293 walking hours, climbing a total of 19,150 metres, which is apparently equivalent to 2 Everests! We also descend a demoralising 16,000 metres, leaving us pretty much where we started, but a lot nearer Switzerland.

Any assistance would be enormously appreciated. If you would like to make a gift of Euros to us, we can use them to impulse buy local cheeses and lederhosen en route. Also, of course, to pay for important and sensible things...  

However, we want to stress that gifts really are not expected. Your gift to us was to say 'yes' to our invitation, and we hope that you enjoy our special day!

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